Ampersex & FOLX: Centering Care, Not Profit

Behind the curtain of FOLX is a common structure dedicated to making sure our clinicians have the freedom to provide care to their patients, without worrying about pushing products: meet Ampersex.

While digital healthcare and remote visits are still a relatively new thing, there are rules and regulations in place across states and regulatory bodies to ensure that clinicians can focus on individual care versus being beholden to selling specific products or communicating specific things.

On one side, the American Medical Association’s Corporate Practice of Medicine doctrine prohibits corporations from directly employing physicians to practice medicine, and essentially prevents non-clinicians from interfering with or influencing the physician’s professional judgment in providing care to patients. And on the other side, many states have laws to make sure that clinicians, not corporations, are the ones responsible for providing health care.

We won’t bog anyone down too deep into the business organizational set up, but we do want to help demystify the structure of FOLX and how we safely provide care!

One way of setting up a health care practice is as a professional corporation (PC), where all owners and shareholders are licensed physicians. The practice, or PC, can then partner with a Management Services Organization (MSO) to provide all of the administrative support.

This setup is sort of like a retail chain, where each chain has its own owner and manager, but the headquarters provides everything else, like the advertising and clothing.

FOLX Health is the MSO, and our licensed physician-run PC is called Ampersex.

Ampersex has businesses (PCs) set up in a few states. There are some states that require the PC to actually be formed in that state in order to provide health care services there (e.g. Ampersex.CA only provides services in California). Other states allow a PC that is formed in another state to be “Foreign Qualified” in their state (e.g. Ampersex.VA is Foreign Qualified in Texas to be able to provide services in Texas). . We have one physician who owns all the PCs and also acts as the medical director. FOLX clinicians technically work for the Ampersex PCs and are the ones who decide how to safely provide our clinical services to FOLX members.

FOLX is the MSO for the Ampersex PCs. They provide everything that the Ampersex PC clinicians need in order to do their job well. This includes our website, social media, member support, packaging, copy editing, and anything else that the clinicians need.

While we call them “FOLX Clinicians,” really they are beholden to Ampersex.

While FOLX and Ampersex PC are separate businesses, we work closely together to make sure that the services we provide are done the FOLX way.

Our clinicians use these guiding principles:

  1. Our members are the experts on what is right for them. We are the experts on medicine and science.

  2. We center our members most marginalized from care, and our protocols are designed for our members who do not have access to an affirming primary care provider or specialist.
  3. Our goal is to support self-empowerment through education and autonomy.

  4. Our job is to provide safe and evidence-based care, knowing that medical literature still has not caught up with clinical knowledge and our community's life experiences.

We understand that trusting in newer care structures such as totally remote healthcare can be daunting. We want to make it as clear and convenient as possible. For those with any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to